Natural Full Spectrum SUN LIGHT Desk Lamp
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    27 watts of Energy
    Usage Rocker

  • 150 Watt light output
  • 6500K Daylight White
  • 1860 Lumens, 10,000 hours
    life lamp included
  • Dimensions 24" x 6.75"
  • 100 ~ 120 Volt AC
  • 2 year warranty
  • Replacement bulb SL5722B

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    Product Description:
    This tried and true swivel lamp body was designed to adjust the position of your lamp
    where the most light is needed without moving the lamps base. Natural full spectrum
    lighting simulates daylight inside. Saves energy, by providing 150 incandescent
    equivalent watts of lights output while only using 27 watts of energy.

    The sun will always shine! Sunlight lamp brings many of the benefits of natural
    daylight for glare-free full-spectrum lighting that's perfect for a variety of indoor
    activities such as reading, writing, and sewing.

  • Brilliant white light - Fluorex Technology creates sharper images and reduces
  • Saves Energy - 150 watt light output, uses 27 watts of energy.
  • Rocker switch - Turns lamp on/off
  • Long Lasting and Cool Operation - Fluorescent lamp (included) lasts up to 13 times
    longer and produces 80% less heat than a regular light bulb.

    What is the difference?
    Using all of the visible colors in sunlight. The value of a light source is measured by
    how well it renders all colors of the visible spectrum. The Color Rendering Index
    (CRI) is measured on a scale of 1-100. The sunlight lamp provides an exceptional
    blue-rich contrast and an overall sharper image. Regular light bulbs provide an
    orange reddish tint on objects and ordinary fluorescent bulbs can cause head aches
    and eyestrain. "Blue-rich light sources will improve vision and brightness perception
    for interior conditions."

    Full spectrum lighting can:
  • Increase the release of serotonin, a hormone linked to an improved feeling of
  • Improve concentration on schoolwork
  • Increase Vitamin D production in the skin, which lets the body efficiently use calcium
  • Ease the winter blues
  • Ease eye strain
  • Render colors much more accurately for artists, knitters, and needlepoint
  • Reduce levels of melatonin, a hormone that promotes fatigue
  • Improve neuron function in the brain

    This product is warranty to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a
    period of two (2) years from the date of purchase and agrees to replace the
    defective product or parts at no cost to the consumer. Warranty does not include
    light bulb.

    This two year limited warranty is explicitly for repair or replacement of products/parts
    and does not include reimbursement for inconvenience, installation costs, setup
    time, loss of use, unauthorized service or return shipping charges. Warranty will be
    void if product is used under conditions other than its normal application, or has not
    been operated according to the instructions provided. Any modifications or
    alterations to product will void warranty.

    To Reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons:
    1) Use only insulated staples or plastic ties to secure the cord.
    2) Not intended for recessed installation in ceiling.
    3) Use in Dry location only.
    4) Injury to persons and damage to the fixture or mounting surface may occur if the
    fixture is not mounted to a mechanically sound surface.
    5) Not for use with light dimmer circuits
    6) Do not install directly over a heat source (stove, etc.)
    7) Fluorescent bulbs are fragile and may be hot. Use safety precautions.
    8) glasses and glove are recommended.
    9) Do not install in series. If the lamps (multiple lamps) are greater than 70 watts.
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