LED Tube & Bulbs Save Energy, Save Money & the Environment
General Information about LED Lighting

What is LED and LED Lights?
    LED "Light Emitting Diode" is a semiconductor diode which illuminates
    when an electrical current is applied to it. In simple words LED is a
    tiny light bulb.
Why use LED Lights?
  • LED lights/lamps require much less energy comparing incandescent
  • Thus saving energy and energy cost for the user.
  • LED lights/lamp do not use hazardous material such as mercury in
    Florescent tubes.
  • Thus reducing the Hazardous material handling and costs associated
    with it.
  • LED lights/lamp are friendly to earth & the environment. Reducing
    overall carbon footprint.
What are the applications for LED Lights/Lamps?
  • Grocery stores, display cases such as beverage coolers.
  • Warehouses and food storage.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • Government and private offices.

    LEDs are widely used on electronic devices as indicator lights and in
    auto mobiles for several years. In addition LEDs are used Businesses.
Lighting suitable for Home, Commercial and Industrial use?
    Yes,  since LEDs are small yet use less energy and produce less
    heat as well. The use of LEDs have been increasing in all application
    either Home, Commercial or Industrial.  

    Home use: Area lighting through out your home. We offer LED Light
    bulbs,under cabinet light LED lights and down lights for use such as

    Commercial & Industrial use: Grocery stores /Small & large
    businesses with lighting requirements such as cold rooms, freezers or
    display cabinets, Warehouses & storage, Hotels motels restaurants.
LED lighting compatible with existing infrastructure?
    Yes, LEDs lights (bulbs & tubes) can directly replace incandescent
    light bulbs and tubes. We offer different voltage configuration for USA
    and International markets, such as 120volt AC, 220volt AC and 12 &
    24 volt DC configurations.
How long LED Lights last?
    Generally LED lights last much longer then Incandescent lights, We
    offer long lasting LED lights. From 30,000 to 100,000 hours.
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