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Jatropha Carcus: Clean & Green energy source for
Bio-Diesel production

Since the climate change issues and the never ending escalation of fuel prices, increased demand
of oil on oil including America’s”. Scientists and businesses are searching for new energy sources.
Jatropha may be the answer!

Over Ground Oil Well: Yes it very well could be!
Jatropha Curcas; A hardy bushy tree native to South America. Farmers and land owners traditionally
used Jatropha as wind barrier and a hedge to keep animals away from the property. Can tolerate light
frost and drought like conditions and susceptible to fewer diseases.

Newly rediscovered to be the “Over Ground Oil Well” has been gaining special interest from green
fuel producers, now commonly renamed as Biodiesel Tree, Fuel Tree, Green Fuel Tree, Oil tree etc…

Jatropha can grow on a marginal soils where other crops can not grow, can grow into a tall 20 feet
tree or taller, however, for harvesting purposes height is kept to 6’ to 7’, Produces seeds with up to
40% oil content. Jatropha seeds and oil is highly toxic to human and animal consumption. Oil is
extracted by pressing the seeds, left over seed cake is used as organic fertilizer. Leaves are shed
during winter season, since the deciduous nature of Jatropha all fallen leaves become organic
fertilizer to itself.

With the exception of United States, Thousands of acres of land has been committed and cultivated
with Jatropha for Bio-Diesel production. India, China and Australia have taken the leadership position
in researching, supporting and planting Jatropha.

Benefits of Jatropha oil & Jatropha Biodiesel includes the following.
1.  Jatropha biodiesel produces approximately 85% less toxins then petroleum diesel.
2.  Jatropha biodiesel does not compete with food grade oils such as corn or canola.
3.  Releases the price pressure on food grade oils.
4.  Jatropha biodiesel is eco-friendly.
5.  Government mandates to produce green energy, Government might be available to farmers.
6.  Can grow almost on any soil such as waste land & sandy soil or soil otherwise not suitable to
other crops. Higher adaptability to climate as well. Drought and frost resistant.
7.   No crop rotation required, and does not exhaust nutrients from the land.
8.   Adds hundreds or thousands of farming jobs to the economy.
9.   Will reduce our carbon foot print.
10.   Will add oxygen to the environment.

We have plenty of land available in USA. I am hoping that more farmers will look into producing
Jatropha biodiesel in USA. Investors can almost recover all of their investment dollars in few years of
planting Jatropha. Its green energy we can’t afford not to be serious about!
Stay in touch. It’s the mother earth!
Jay Farooque
Jatropha Nursery in California Desert
Jatropha Nursery in California Desert
Jatropha Nursery in California Desert
Jatropha Nursery in California Desert
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